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Proper water drainage can be obtained with a professional assessment and a few simple steps.

Be sure that rain or storm water is flowing away from your home or building quickly and consistently. Otherwise your lawn will rot, your gardens won’t thrive, erosion will occur and your yard will become a nesting ground for pests. Stagnant or standing water is especially dangerous, as is water draining against your home. The last thing you need is that water leaking into your house or business and causing any damage.

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Landscape Drainage Solutions

Proper Grading – If surface drainage is possible, grading is often the most inexpensive and most effective solution to correcting an area with poor drainage. Piping can only hold so much water at one given time.

Catch Basins – Catch basins are simply a reservoir for collecting surface drainage or runoff. Anytime your source of water is above ground, a catch basin can collect the water so that it can be piped away underground. Basins are used primarily when grading is either not possible or when it would create an undesired / unusable space.

French Drains – Often misused and certainly overused, French drains in the landscape are primarily needed to collect water that’s underground, seeping to the surface. They can also be very effective when placed along a foundation or crawl space to allow an escape for excessive moisture under and around the home. French drains use a combination of perforated pipe, filter fabric, and gravel to capture the water, which can then be piped away.

Gutter Down Spouts - One of the more simple drainage solutions is improving gutter downspouts. Often downspouts spill into your yard just anywhere and the water isn’t properly drained away from the home or building. It’s crucial that downspouts push water down from the gutter and then out away from the foundation and structure. If not, water will collect around the home, in plant beds and other locations. If your yard isn’t graded properly, then that water won’t drain away properly. One way we provide a solution to your drainage problems is improving your downspouts and flow away from the structure. 

When it comes to drainage systems, Bluff City Landscape customizes each drainage system to fit your property's specific situation and needs. Our team evaluates your landscape water drainage problem and designs each system for a number of different solutions. A good landscape design will incorporate the natural flow of water whenever possible. 



Drainage issues are very common in and around the Mid-South area. Without proper drainage, your home and landscape can suffer greatly. Problems can arise immediately, but sometimes the results of improper drainage do not become apparent until years later. Water standing around your foundation can cause serious problems to your structure. Wet areas in your yard can cause significant malnutrition, resulting in loss of plants, trees, and/or turf. Additionally, where you walk, sit, drive, and play on your property, is enough reason to have correct drainage around your home.

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