Lawn Aeration

Why aerate your lawn?

Aeration service breaks up the interface, or overlap of different soil types or sod, which promotes positive conditions for turfgrass growth and development. Even golf courses all over the country, which are unanimously known for their lush, thick, healthy lawns, are a prime example of why to aerate. Almost all core aeration is a central element of their ongoing maintenance for one simple reason, it works. Lawn aerating helps your lawn better absorb air to balance the oxygen and carbon dioxide in the root zone. Core aeration, also known as plug aeration, is the method whereby a core aerator is used and holes are "core" out of the soil. A core aerator does a far more thorough and effective job of relieving soil compaction and delivering nutrients and oxygen to the plant (lawn) than other methods of aeration. 

Lawn Aeration Service helps restore your lawn and is essential to improve the overall health and appearance of your lawn.

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Aside from better air intake, some other benefits of aeration include:

  • Improved rooting and increased lawn shoot density
  • Improving the effectiveness of lawn fertilization
  • Improves movement of air and water into compacted soils

Aerated lawns also experience greater resiliency. After undergoing lawn aeration, the grass will be better able to handle incidents of stress, such as extreme heat and lack of water. In other words, aerating your lawn not only makes the grass thicker and healthier, but it also helps your lawn bounce back more quickly from extreme conditions.  

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Think of lawn aerating the same way as a farmer's field being plowed every year, your lawn needs to be aerated , usually in the Spring to help prevent issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year around. 

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Lawn Aerating or Core Aeration helps rejuvenate your lawn by removing small bits of thatch and soil, promoting greater pore space, allowing air and water movement, therefore better roots and healthy turf. Aeration is needed due to thatch buildup and soil compaction, that can be caused by a number of things, including heavy or excessive use of your lawn and waterlogged soil. When soil compacts, your grass struggles to get air or find much needed nutrients, causing shallow roots and reduced thickness and growth. Aerating also promotes microbial activity and thatch decomposition thus helping your lawn grow healthier and thicker!

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