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Do you want to have a beautiful, lush, green Memphis lawn? Of course you do, all home and business owners in Memphis TN want to have beautiful properties, and having a nice lawn is important. It is also important to keep your lawn looking great if you want to make sure that your property value increases and not decreases. One way you can create a great looking lawn is to use sod. You can also get a lawn in a fairly short period of time, so you can start enjoying it within a couple of weeks of laying it.

What is Sod?

Basically, sod is grass that has already been planted. Also referred to as turf grass, sod is sold in sections that are grass and soil held together by roots or other materials. This type of lawn is preferred by Memphis, because it is lusher and grows more evenly.

If you are in need of sod installation in Memphis then allow us to offer you our services. Our experienced highly trained professionals crew members will go out of their way to exceed your expectations and make sure you are totally satisfied with any sod installation you may need. We believe professionalism and customer satisfaction leads to happy customers, repeat business, and referrals. Our goal is to provide superior sod installation that will leave our customers glad they chose to do business with us. We think it's extremely important for us to start projects on schedule and complete them in a timely fashion. Our professional work has earned us a reputation as a leading sod installation company in the Memphis area. If you would like a quote for sod installation or any of our other services simply fill out our easy quote form and we will get back to you quickly with a free quote.

Bluff City Landscape strives to provide the best sod installation in the Memphis area. Whether your project is large or small, we will take care of all your sod installation needs. So when you need sod installation choose us here at Bluff City Landscape.


Most commonly used sod here in the Midsouth Memphis TN areas such as Germantown, East Memphis, Midtown and Southaven, MS.


Blades are short and narrow. Deep root system enables turf to be drought resistant. Requires full sun for best growth, however, the new Celebration variety is shown to tolerate some shade. Quick recovery from damage makes Bermuda grass ideal for heavy traffic areas such as golf courses and sports fields as well as commercial and  residential applications.


A slow growing sod that forms a dense uniform turf in full sun and light and open shade. Requires less mowing than most of the Bermuda grasses and creates a green “carpet” appearance. Excellent for commercial and residential applications. A premium grass for landscapes and golf courses.

Cool Season Grass Varieties

Grass types with a high tolerance for harsher environments in transition zones such as Fescue. More shade tolerance than most Bermuda grasses. 

There is no guarantee or warranty on sod.